Medicinal Purpose - Uncorked!

Side A:

Puncheon Floor/Forked Deer [4:33]

David's Jig/Joannie's Jig/Portland Fancy [4:17]

The Secret Wish [3:19]

Pretty Little Dog/Cold Frosty Morning/The Growling Old Man and the Grumbling Old Woman [4:34]

L'Hiver Chaud/Pretty Girl [3:35]

Smash the Windows/Whiskey Before Breakfast [3:26]

Whiskey Before Bed [1:12]

Side B:

Big Sciota/Dixie Hoedown [4:00]

Colored Aristocracy/Temperance Reel [4:37]

Mendelssohn's Waltz [2:37]

Wild Hog in the Wood/Ross's Reel [3:55]

Deer Run North/Davey Taylor's Strathspey [2:26]

Year of Jubilo/Eighth of January/The Yellow Rose of Texas [5:11]

Joannie's Jig and The Secret Wish by Ryck Kaiser (1994)

L'Hiver Chaud by Ryck Kaiser (1986)

Dixie Hoedown by Jim & Jesse McReynolds (Fort Knox Music, Inc./Trio Music Company, Inc.)

Deer Run North by Bob McQuillan (1976)

Whiskey Before Bed arranged by Ryck Kaiser & Marc Sims

Mendelssohn's Waltz (from the Violin Concerto in Em) arranged by Ryck Kaiser

All other selections traditional.

Medicinal Purpose is:

Ryck Kaiser - fiddle, first mandolin on Whiskey Before Bed

Henry Koretzky - mandolin, hammered dulcimer

Carol Whitfield - banjos, concertina, triangles

Jamie O'Brien - guitar

Vinnie Hunter - bass

Medicinal Purpose grew out of a Pennsylvania contradance workshop. Since then, the quintet has played an ever-widening range of dances in the mid-Atlantic region, as well as concerts and other settings. Uncorked! is out first recording.

Recorded and engineered by Rich Hower at Gift Horse Recording Studios, Harrisburg, PA.

Cover photo by Cathy Wert

Inside photo by Joanne Rheinlander

Released in February 1995

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