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SHADES OF GREEN AND BLUE is a trio whose music reflects the flow of influences back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. As American, Irish, Scottish, British, and African styles have shaped contemporary Celtic, bluegrass, folk, blues, and old-time music, it's easy to find the similarities between a centuries-old ballad and a contemporary bluegrass song, or a traditional country vocal duet and a soul ballad.

Shades of Green and Blue: Jamie O'Brien, Emmy Truckenmiller and Henry Koretzky (photo/Emmy Truckenmiller)

Singer/guitarist Jamie O'Brien, with Emmy Truckenmiller on vocals, guitar and fiddle, and Henry Koretzky on mandolin, guitar, and vocals, have woven their diverse backgrounds into a seamless blend they call Celtic/Americana. Combining traditional and contemporary elements into their acoustic setting, they're equally adept at making old songs sound as if they were written yesterday, while taking select contemporary tunes and bringing out the deep stylistic roots within.

Englishman Jamie O'Brien, now a resident of Tucson, Arizona, has toured extensively on both coasts of the U.S. and in Europe. Born into a London/Irish family, he has a bottomless repertoire of spirited and moving Irish ballads, which he combines with influences that range from Buddy Holly to George Kahumoko, Jr. (Hawaiian slack-key guitar master and Jamieís occasional collaborator/mentor). Jamie has recorded two albums under his own name, MANY'S THE MILE, LOVE and MY WILD IRISH BOY, as well as with the Irish band The Laune Rangers (LAUNIE TUNES) and the contradance band Medicinal Purpose (UNCORKED). Jamie also tours with FinaÌ, an Irish trio based in Alaska.

Henry Koretzky, a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has played, toured and recorded in a wide variety of styles, from bluegrass to swing to old-time to celtic to klezmer. He spent three years with the influential New York bluegrass band Cornerstone, and has been more recently performing and recording with the old-time vocal duet ROOTBOUND and the old-time contradance band The Contra Rebels (DOWN THE RIVER) on mandolin, guitar, and vocals.

Emmy Truckenmiller has lived throughout the U.S. and traveled extensively around the world, but now makes her home in Pennsylvania. She complements the trio with her creative and diverse musical interests and continues to pursue the intricacies of Scottish, Irish, and southern old-time fiddle styles. She recently joined The Contra Rebels on a two-week long contradance tour through the Pacific Northwest.

SHADES OF GREEN AND BLUE combines the eclectic tastes and talents of these three friends and musical cohorts. The group's demo CD, along with their individual recorded projects, should give a full sense of what happens when varied musical styles combine to create a blended whole greater than the sum of its parts. And the bandmembers' bicoastal bases allow them to tour the country extensively.

For more information about SHADES OF GREEN AND BLUE, please contact:

Jamie O'Brien
P O Box 741
Cortaro, AZ 85652-0741 or
717-802-5783 or 520-248-7579
  Henry Koretzky
5609 River Rd., First Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17110