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Jamie is a member of:

Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts

Susquehanna Folk Music Society

The Folk Alliance

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Coalicion de Derechos Humanos dispels many of the myths surrounding immigration. It's a grassroots organization which promotes respect for human and civil rights and is fighting the demilitarization of the Southern Border region, discrimination and humans rights abuses by federal, state and local law enforcement officials affecting US and non-US citizens.

Jean Charles Menezes was shot to death by undercover policemen at Stockwell Tube Station on July 22, 2005. Take some time to read what really happened and support the campaign to reveal the truth.

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian aid organization providing medical aid in more than 80 countries.

An Inconvenient Truth is a must-see movie - you can do something and here is some advice regarding what.

Protect Kaho'olawe 'Ohana is a grassroots organization dedicated to the island of Kaho'olawe and the principles of Aloha 'Aina throughout Hawai'i nei.

Noah Rheinlander has been bravely battling leukemia for almost half of his short life. He is currently recovering from his second bone marrow transplant at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. You can do something.

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The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum - a fascinating place that explains everything about this area

Campaign for Real Ale - it's worth demanding the real thing!

Midtown Cinema, Reily Street, Harrisburg - a great movie theater showing independant, foreign and non-mainstream movies

The Loft Cinema, East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson - Tucson's answer to the Midtown Cinema!

Queens Park Rangers Mad - I prefer this to the official QPR site - up-to-date information on the best football (soccer) team in the world - and you don't get spammed like you do on the other site!

Harrington's Pie & Mash Shop - Pie and mash is one of the most exquisite meals imaginable, a truly traditional London dish consisting of a meat pie and mashed potatoes, smothered in licker and served with boiled eels - doesn't that make your mouth water? I know I long for it. (I also will NOT tell you how dear Rosie described licker - it might put you off). It's served in a bowl and properly eaten with a fork in your left hand and a spoon in your right. Christina and I invited our guests to Harrington's on the Wandsworth Road for the wedding reception. Sadly, Harrington's closed down in the early 2000s, but the shop lives on in their other branch in Tooting. Their website is not yet online, but you can find more information about this delicacy at the Pie & Mash Club

John Winship is quite an incredible person: he's been one of my best friends and I've worked with him, the fiddler and concertina player, from around 2000 until now. He's not just a superb musician, he's also a tremendous artist. And like most musicians and artists, he's probably starving in his freezing garret as I write. So why not take a look at this, his painting website, and offer him a commission? Alternatively, contact him through this website and offer him a gig (reminding him that there's this really cool guitar accompanist/singer who'd love to work with him assuming he can find a pa system).

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And for the benefit of those trying to keep up with my many 'boycotts', for socio-political and environmental reasons, I don't buy Exxon or Shell gasoline and I don't shop at Walmart. I won't buy any Japanese or Icelandic products until they leave whales alone. I don't like New Labour but as I don't have the vote, who cares? There's lots more, but that'll do for starters.