Jamie O'Brien

Here are some samples of Jamie's music:

O'Brien Is Trying To Learn To Talk Hawaiian
- here's a rough mix from the soon-to-be released album O'Brien Sings Hawaiian

Another rough mix from the new album O'Brien Sings Hawaiian

Here are examples of Jamie playing on YouTube:

June, 2018: Here we are, back at that wonderful listening room in Phoenix, Fiddler's Dream, where I'm singing "Mother Bird", a great song I wrote years back with Pete Morson. (I wonder what happened to the Mother Bird in question. Actually, I wonder what happened to Pete. Are you there, Pete?)

June, 2018: Still at Fiddler's Dream, but this time with my song, "I Slipped"

February, 2018, Jamie was back at SAACA's Savor Food Festival in the Tucson Botanical Gardens
Here he's singing the old Irish favorite, "The Hills of Donegal"

February, 2018, Jamie at SAACA's Savor Food Festival in the Tucson Botanical Gardens
This time, it's "Bridget Flynn", one of my favorite family songs

February, 2018, another performance at the Savor Festival
A live version of "Slip Jigs And Reels"

February, 2017, Jamie performing at Fiddler's Dream (Phoenix).
I wrote this song, "Blue Eyes", a little while back and have recorded it for an upcoming album. Here I am singing it live

February, 2017, Savor Food Festial, Tucson Botanical Gardens
This is my version of the Hawaiian himeni, "O Oe Io" - I love this melody

In August, 2016, Unbowed provided the music for a Swingin' Tern contradance (East Hanover, NJ).
Here's a video of one of the dances. Henry Koretzky is playing mandolin and Jamie plays guitar

In the summer of 2015, Jamie performed at the Emmaus Road Cafe in Lancaster, PA with Henry Koretzky. Here are some of the songs they videoed of us playing:
Jamie sings "Lady of Autumn"
and "Go And Leave"
and Henry sings "(Here's To) My Wild Irish Boy"

Some music from the Queen's Bath on Kauai's North Shore
I travel everywhere with an instrument and here I was with my Kamaka ukulele, strolling along the water's edge near Princeville when I was suddenly inspired to play a song or two.

"On Elwood's Steps"
Jamie on Elwood's steps. Here I am just having some fun with my Thom Breeze baritone ukulele in Kauai.

Dan and Jamie undertook a house concert tour of British Columbia, Canada in the fall of 2014 - here is a set of polkas performed in Powell River.

"The Lawyer Song"
here's a song I wrote while staying at Henry Koretzky's when I was touring the East in July. I'm hoping to go into the studio before too long to record it properly

"Hey There, Jaime"
a demo I recorded to give friends an idea of a song we wanted to record. We've recorded folky and a pop versions for future release

"Didn't Have A Clue"
another demo to give friends an idea for a song. The final version of the song is on Chasing Ghosts

Peggy Addleman Shutes filmed the Launies (fiddler Ryck Kaiser, Henry Koretzky on mandolin and me on guitar) at the 2013 YorkFest

"Loser Train"
if you decide to video a song, make sure there's enough battery left in the recorder! Here's a snippet of "Loser Train", performed live in Portugal in the summer of 2013.

Take a look at Dan Possumato's video which features Jamie accompanying him at the North Texas Irish Festival, 2012

Not me, but my friend accordion player Dan Possumato again. Dan sent me this link to YouTube - he's playing here with Kevin Burke. What a beautiful tune, how beautifully played! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
"Station Master's Waltz"

And here are some more audio tracks you might like by Jamie:

The Tower Song
Jamie performing live


Molly Durkin

a live performance at 17th Street Market (Tucson) by Jamie with Henry Koretzky

What Would You Do Love
By popular demand, Jamie O'Brien & Jennifer Johnson's demo of this old song from the 1930s

Blue Eyes - This song started life as "Summer Song for Chrissie" but everyone referred to it as 'that blue eyes song'. So the title changed

Purple Lillies - fiddler Sharon Goldwasser came up with this wonderful tune she had learnt