The Launies

Bruce, Jamie, Henry & Ken - the Launies

The Launies first saw the light of day in 1997 when Jamie O'Brien brought together some of the finest musicians in Central Pennsylvania to form a traditional Irish band. In spite of Jamie having moved to Arizona in 2006, the band is still going strong. He returns to the East Coast three or four times each year to bring back his colleagues to tour the region. Ostensibly a Celtic band, the Launies present a wide spectrum of music, mixed with fascinating stories, often told with humor:

Jamie O'Brien (vocals, guitar, slack key guitar, ukulele), growing up in a London-Irish family, has been surrounded by Irish music all his life. Add to that his experiences over the years performing with such seminal artists as singer Aoife Clancy, fiddlers Jimmy Eagan and Rosie Shipley, pipers Kieran O'Hare and Elliot Grasso and accordion players Billy McComiskey and Dan Possumato - truly the cream of Irish-American music. And don't forget his journey into Hawaiian music with such legends as George Kahumoku Jr., Daniel Ho, Ozzie Kotani and many others.

Henry Koretzky (vocals, mandolin, mandocello, guitar), a former member of the bluegrass band Cornerstone, also looks back on his collaborations with such performers as Dede Wyland, the Contra Rebels and Sweet Nothings - a fine, eclectic mix of country, Americana and old timey. Among other bands, he currently can often be seen and heard with the Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble, the Gnu Tones, Unbowed and Sink or Swing.

Ken Gehret (vocals, fiddle, accordion and many more instruments) looks back on a lifetime of music, having played with the likes of Roy Clark, Mell Tillis, Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys, Frankie Avalon, Lefty Frizzell and Tony Trishka - again an eclectic mix of genres. Ken is a member of Celtic Mist and Rue de la Pompe among other groups.

Bruce Campbell (bass) has for years found himself in constant demand as one of the top standup bass players in the regions, performing regularly in a variety of styles - jazz, swing, bluegrass, celtic...

The band has performed in concert and at festivals throughout the Mid-Atlantic States as well as the South West, in Europe and Hawaii. These musicians have an uncanny understanding between them, allowing them to introduce new elements to their music, to improvise and switch styles with ease and to delight audiences with their off-beat sense of humor. An evening with the Launies is an experience rarely forgotten: emotional ballads, driving instrumentals and fascinating explanations to the music, all presented with respectful light-heartedness by a group of talented musicians who enjoy sharing their music.

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