My Wild Irish Boy...
would never have happened but for a number of wonderful musicians who worked on the album.
Each one added something very special - how can I ever thank you enough?

Kristine Allen - fiddle

Kris plays and sings celtic music, has been known to play with the Launies as well as with Ken Kolodner and is also a member of Straynge Bedfellowes and the Bloom Consort

* * *

Jenny Brennan - harmonies

Jenny is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter. Once upon a time, she worked frequently with the Launies and was the prettier third of Brennan & O'Brien

* * *

Bruce Campbell - acoustic & electric bass

Bruce was an original member of Medicinal Purpose, though Jamie had seen him play before that with High Strung. Bruce plays bluegrass, jazz and a lot, lot more

* * *

Aoife Clancy - vocals

Jamie first met Aoife when she played with Cherish the Ladies, though he'd loved her music for longer than that. She now performs with her own band

* * *

John Hayden - drums

Along with playing music, John is one of the driving forces behind the Susquehanna Folk Music Society, which is how Jamie first met him. And when Jamie needed a drummer, John was ready, willing and able

* * *

Ryck Kaiser - fiddle

Ryck is founder and honorable leader of Medicinal Purpose. Over the years, Jamie has accompanied him in various lineups including the Feastie Boys and the Ryck Kaiser Trio

* * *

Henry Koretzky - harmonies, guitar, mandolin, cittern

Henry is another founder member of Medicinal Purpose. He plays in a number of bands, including Rootbound, as well as with Jamie in Shades of Green & Blue and Unbowed

* * *

Jamie O'Brien - vocals, guitar, cittern, harmonica

Hey mom, that's ME!

* * *

Chad Shambaugh - bodhrán, tambourine

Former Launie, Chad still sits in when he flies in from Nashville where he now lives and works

* * *

Jill Smith - piano

Among other things, Jill is a member of the Ryck Kaiser Trio, a group in which Jamie spends most of his time trying to work out what she's doing on piano - cool stuff!

* * *

John Winship - concertina, mandolin

John and Jamie have performed together frequently over the last few years. John has been playing old timey and Irish music in various groups including the Orrtanna Mountain Steamers and Wherligig and currently plays with Jamie in a group called Slingo

* * *

Bruce Young - fiddle

Bruce is the mainstay of Fiddle Fantastic and the Gnu-Tones. He and Jamie have worked together for nearly a decade. They currently perform in the band Semanon

* * *

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